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by Joe Thompson

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accident detail Read an article about a 1902 collision between a Jones Street shuttle cable car and an Ellis Street electric car: FOUR PERSONS ARE SEVERELY INJURED IN DOUBLE COLLISION AND CARS OF ELLIS AND JONES STREET ARE DAMAGED. January, 2018 Picture of the Month.


San Francisco's Octopus The front cover. December, 2017 Picture of the Month.

KABL protest "PICKETERS dressed as a Gay Nineties dancer, fashion model, 'beatnik' and flapper board cable car to tell San Franciscans of McLendon's new good music station, KABL." (source: Sponsor, 20-June-1959). November, 2017 Picture of the Month.

Candy Matson promo
A promo for the California Historical Radio Society's production of "The Cable Car Murder." October, 2017 Picture of the Month.

cable car wedding/1

Boxoffice, 26-June-1961. September, 2017 Picture of the Month.

EJ Lawless Edward J Lawless was in charge of operations of the new Kansas City Cable Railway. And he had a wonderful mustache. Read his article Personal Reminiscences of Early Cable Street Railway Work in Kansas City, MO. From the May, 1895 Street Railway Journal. August, 2017 Picture of the Month.

Terry Grip detail A detail view of the shallow conduit Terry Grip, from a Continental Cable Company ad. (source: Street Railway Journal Supplement, January, 1890). July, 2017 Picture of the Month.

Cal Cable dash Kim Wahler found the dash from a California Street Cable Railroad O'Farrell, Jones and Hyde cable car in a field north of San Francisco. Thank you to Kim for letting me use the photo. All rights reserved. June, 2017 Picture of the Month.

Elevated Railway "Elevated Railway, Kansas City." A steam dummy locomotive pulls a two-car train into a station. (source: "Electricty in the Far West III -- Kansas City," Electricity, Vol III, No 16. November 2, 1892). May, 2017 Picture of the Month.

49ers throwback program A San Francisco 49ers 2016 program celebrates the teams' 70th anniversary with a throwback image. This was for an exhibition game against the Denver Broncos. April, 2017 Picture of the Month.

Grand Avenue terminal loop The north end loop of the Grand Avenue Railway, showing the congested conditions in that area. (source: Street Railways: Their Construction, Operation and Maintenance by CB Fairchild). March, 2017 Picture of the Month.

cable train on twelfth street line Twelfth Street cable train (source: The Street Railway Situation in the Two Kansas Cities, Street Railway Journal, October, 1900.) February, 2017 Picture of the Month.

The Junction "Looking east on 9th from the Junction." I like the cop in the lower right-hand column. (source: Kansas City Public Library Special Collections. Barcode: 10007292. All rights reserved). January, 2017 Picture of the Month.

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