Where and When Did Cable Cars Operate?
by Joe Thompson

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Types of Grips

Grip Meaning
BBottom Grip
SSide Grip
SSSingle Jaw Side Grip
DSDouble Jaw Side Grip
TTop Grip
XExperimental Grip
?Unknown Grip

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Known Cable Car Lines

This list is compiled mainly from Hilton, The Cable Car in America and Smallwood et al, The Cable Car Book.

ASVIMelbourneMelbourne Tramways & Omnibus CompanySS4'8 1/2"18851940
ASNSWSydneyNew South Wales Government TramwaysSS4'8 1/2"18861900
FR--ParisTramway Funiculaire de BellevilleDS1M18911924
NZ--DunedinRoslyn TramwayB3'6"18811951
NZ--DunedinMornington Tramway CompanyB3'6"18831957
NZ--DunedinMaryhill ExtensionB3'6"18851955
NZ--DunedinKaikorai TramwayB3'6"19001947
NZ--DunedinElgin Road ExtensionB3'6"19061910
PO--LisbonNova Companhia dos Ascensores Mecānicos de LisboaB90CM18901912
UK--BirminghamBirmingham Central Tramways CompanySS3'0"18881911
UK--Douglas, Isle of ManUpper Douglas Cable TramwaySS3'0"18961929
UK--EdinburghEdinburgh Northern Cable TramwaysDS4'8 1/2"18881923
UK--EdinburghEdinburgh and District Tramways Company, LtdDS4'8 1/2"18991923
UK--GlasgowDistrict Subway CompanySS4'0"18961935
UK--LiverpoolLiverpool United Tramways?4'8 1/2"18831883
UK--LondonHighgate Hill Cable TramwaySS3'6"18841909
UK--LondonBrixton Cable TramwayDS4'8 1/2"18881911
UK--MatlockMatlock Tramways Company, LtdDS3'6"18931927
USCALos AngelesSecond Street Cable RailwaySS3'6"18851890
USCALos AngelesTemple Street Cable RailwayDS3'6"18861902
USCALos AngelesLos Angeles Cable Railway/Pacific Cable RailwayB3'6"18891895
USCAOaklandOakland Cable RailwaySS3'6"18861899
USCAOaklandConsolidated Cable CompanyB3'6"18901896
USCASan DiegoSan Diego Cable RailwayB3'6"18901892
USCASan FranciscoClay Street Hill RailroadB3'6"18731891
USCASan FranciscoSutter Street RailwaySS5'0"18771906
USCASan FranciscoCalifornia Street Cable RailroadSS/B3'6"1878present
USCASan FranciscoGeary Street Park and Ocean RailwayB/SS5'0"/4'8 1/2"18801912
USCASan FranciscoPresidio and Ferries RailwayB5'0"18801906
USCASan FranciscoMarket Street Cable RailwaySS4'8 1/2"18831906
USCASan FranciscoFerries and Cliff House RailwayB3'6"1888present
USCASan FranciscoOmnibus Railroad and Cable CompanyB3'6"18881899
USCODenverDenver Tramway CompanySS3'6"18881893
USCODenverDenver City Cable RailwayDS3'6"18891900
USDCWashingtonWashington and Georgetown RailroadSS/DS4'8 1/2"18901898
USDCWashingtonColumbia RailwaySS4'8 1/2"18951899
USIASioux CitySioux City Cable RailwayDS4'8 1/2"18891894
USILChicagoChicago City RailwayDS4'8 1/2"18821906
USILChicagoChicago West Division RailwayX4'8 1/2"18861886
USILChicagoNorth Chicago Street RailroadT4'8 1/2"18881906
USILChicagoWest Chicago Street RailroadDS/B4'8 1/2"18901906
USMDBaltimoreBaltimore Traction CompanySS5'4 1/2"18911896
USMDBaltimoreBaltimore City Passenger RailwayDS5'4 1/2"18931899
USMIGrand RapidsValley City Street and Cable RailwayDS4'8 1/2"18881891
USMOKansas CityKansas City Cable RailwayDS/B4'8 1/2"18851906
USMOKansas CityMetropolitan Street RailwaySS4'8 1/2"18871913
USMOKansas CityGrand Avenue RailwaySS4'8 1/2"18871903
USMOKansas CityInter-State Consolidated Rapid Transit CompanyDS4'8 1/2"18881892
USMOKansas CityPeoples' Cable RailwayDS4'8 1/2"18881899
USMOKansas CityUnion Cable RailwayB4'8 1/2"18891889
USMOSt LouisSt Louis Cable & Western RailwayDS/SS4' 10"18861891
USMOSt LouisCitizens RailwayB4' 10"18871894
USMOSt LouisMissouri RailroadSS/DS4' 10"18881901
USMOSt LouisPeoples' RailwaySS4' 10"18901901
USMOSt LouisSt Louis RailroadB4' 10"18901900
USMNSt PaulSt Paul City RailwayDS4'8 1/2"18881898
USMTButteButte City Street RailroadB4'8 1/2"18891897
USNEOmahaCable Tramway Company of OmahaSS4'8 1/2"18871895
USNJHobokenNorth Hudson County RailwayB4'8 1/2"18861892
USNJNewarkEssex Passenger Railway/Newark and Irvington Street RailwayX5'2 1/4"18881889
USNYBinghamtonWashington Street & State Asylum RailroadX?18851888
USNYBrooklynBrooklyn Cable CompanyX4'8 1/2"18871887
USNYBrooklynBrooklyn Heights RailroadDS4'8 1/2"18911909
USNYNew YorkWest Side and Yonkers Patent RailwayX4'10"18681870
USNYNew YorkNew York and Brooklyn Bridge RailwaySS4'8 1/2"18831908
USNYNew YorkThird Avenue RailroadDS4'8 1/2"18851899
USNYNew YorkMetropolitan Street RailwayDS4'8 1/2"18931901
USOHCincinnatiMount Adams & Eden Park RailwaySS5'2 1/2"18851898
USOHCincinnatiVine Street Cable RailwaySS5'2 1/2"18881898
USOHCincinnatiMount Auburn Cable RailwayB5'2"18881902
USOHClevelandBrooklyn Street Railroad/South Side RailwayX4'8 1/2"18851886
USOHClevelandCleveland City Cable RailwayDS4'8 1/2"18881893
USORPortlandPortland Cable RailwayB3'6"18901904
USPAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Traction CompanyT5'2 1/2"18851895
USPAPittsburghPittsburgh Traction CompanyT5'2 1/2"18851895
USPAPittsburghCitizens Traction CompanyT5'2 1/2"18891897
USPAPittsburghCentral Traction CompanySS5'2 1/2"18901896
USRIProvidenceProvidence Cable TramwayDS4'8 1/2"18891895
USWASeattleSeattle City RailwaySS3'0"18881940
USWASeattleFront Street Cable RailwaySS4'8 1/2"18891900
USWASeattleUnion Trunk LineSS3'6"18911940
USWASeattleWest Seattle Cable RailwaySS3'6"18901897
USWASeattleMadison Street Cable RailwaySS3'6"18911940
USWASpokaneSpokane Cable RailwayDS3'0"18891894
USWATacomaTacoma Railway & Motor CompanySS3'6"18911938

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