Travel Town, Los Angeles

by Joe Thompson

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We visited Travel Town in Griffith Park, Los Angeles in July, 2007, for the first time since March, 1998. We noticed many changes. Travel Town has operated since 1952.

plaque The plaque at the entrance to Travel Town. July, 2007.

Park Train Travel Town Melody Ranch Special. July, 2007.

The Travel Town Railroad operates on a loop of 16" track around the park. We didn't get to ride this visit.

Park Train approaches bridge Travel Town Melody Ranch Special nears the entry bridge. July, 2007.

Park Train clears bridge Travel Town Melody Ranch Special passes under the entry bridge. July, 2007.

Shed This beautiful train shed was new since our last visit to Travel Town. It allows the foundation to keep more of the collection under cover. July, 2007.

horse car This horse car, built around 1880, ran in Los Angeles. It needs restoration. July, 2007.

electric car 1 This 1890s four-wheeled electic car ran in Los Angeles. It looked like the horsecar the last time we visited. July, 2007.

electric car 2 Another view of the four-wheeled electic car. July, 2007.

blimp This electic car, Number 1543, was built in 1911 for the Southern Pacific's East Bay electric lines. The Interurban Electric Railway abandoned service in 1941, but the United States Maritime Commission reassigned this car and its sisters to the Pacific Electric for wartime service. They were called "blimps" because of their size. Part of the car is in red IER and PE colors, but one side is in the green color of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority, which operated it after 1958. July, 2007.

Car 1543 Another view of 1543, showing the LAMTA-green end. July, 2007.

ST&E 1 This 1864 American-type (4-4-0) locomotive was built for the original Western Pacific Railroad. It was taken over by the Central Pacific Railroad in 1869, which used it until 1914, when it went to the short line Stockton, Terminal and Eastern. ST&E operated Number 1 until 1953. July, 2007.

ST&E 1 front A front-end view of Stockton, Terminal and Eastern Number 1. July, 2007.

CW 56 California Western Railroad Number 56 was built by Baldwin in 1955 for the McCloud River Railroad. California Western operated it from 1970 until 1992. It may be used for a proposed line from Travel Town to the Los Angeles Zoo, the Crystal Springs and Cahuenga Valley Railroad. July, 2007.

Electra 1902 electric locomotive Electra was built in Sausalito by the North Shore Railroad. Electra helped with the cleanup after San Francisco's 1906 Earthquake and Fire. Electra was eventually purchased by the Pacific Electric Railroad and used as a work locomotive and switcher until 1952. July, 2007.

I could not find Southern Pacific 20, an 1880 Baldwin steam dummy that once ran on San Francisco's Park and Ocean Railroad.

Cal Cable 21-1 California Street Cable Railroad car 21 rests at Travel Town, in need of restoration. The car was numbered 28 for a movie. July, 2007.

Cal Cable 21-2 Another view of California Street Cable Railroad car 21. July, 2007.

Cal Cable 21-2 A head-on view of California Street Cable Railroad car 21. July, 2007.

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