Cable Trams in Sydney.

This article, from Australian Town and Country Journal, January 6 1895, describes a cable railway powerhouse New South Wales Government Tramways in Sydney.
Ocean Street Powerhouse/2 Ocean Street Powerhouse/1 The powerhouse of the Ocean Street cable tram line.

The first cable tramway in the metropolis of New South Wales was established at North Sydney, the hilly nature of the ground there making such a system peculiarly suitable. Somewhat similar conditions had weight when it was decided to establish a tramway to secure those portions of the eastern suburbs lying adjacent to the harbor. This tramway, which runs from Ocean-street, Woollahra, has a very tortuous course, and ends at the foot of King-street, city. It has now been in operation about nine months, and, judging from the receipts, is regarded with a good deal of favor by the residents of the districts which it serves. The powerbouse is situated at Rushcutters' Bay. As our illustrations show, the works are of considerable extent. In fact, a great deal more money has been expended upon the building and machinery than is warranted by the present necessities, but the reason given was that, the system 'would necessarily be extended, and it would be cheaper to take time by the forelock. The buildings cost about 20,000, and the machinery 24,000.
Ocean Street Powerhouse/2 The interior of the powerhouse of the Ocean Street cable tram line.

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